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The actual date for the end of the word 2012 prophecy comes from the Mayan calendar system. The last date recorded by the ancient time keepers who were once a thriving culture in the mountains and rainforests of Guatemala. The Long Count calendar, one of the Maya people’s intricate and meticulous 20 calendar time keeping and astrological prediction records, end on December 21, 2012 when matched to our current Gregorian calendar system.

The Mayan calendar records show that the current age of Earth, known to them as the worlds of man, began on a day of catastrophic movement and will end on such a day of events as well. In order for the current age of man to begin and have a chance of a better life, the predatory dinosaurs were cleansed by the destruction of the planet. It was a day of movement of colossal proportions. This is the first inkling that December 2012 prophecy would be the day that the world ends.

With a date in hand, all major religions and spiritualists have joined together in agreement for the first time in the history of man. We have unknown events coming at us from all sides and a multitude of prophecies from a wide spread set of cultures that span the past 5000 years and even before that. The Book of Revelation and Nostradamus seem to melt fluidly with the ancient teachings of Hindu, Hebrew, Sumeria and the Meso and Amero Indian tribes; the Chreokee, the Mayans, the Hopi. Ancient mythology from Greek to the Celts and all other ancient cultures lead us to 2012 prophecy as what the world has been awaiting for thousands of years.

There are other more secular, yet respected sources for corresponding prophecies that add weight to those from world religions both current and as ancient as time itself. The visions of Edgar Cayce and Ellen G. White blend now with the theories and brilliant insight of Einstien and Issac Newton. From Armageddon, to World War III and the playing out of the Seven Seals the definition of 2012 prophecy has a depth that is a times fathomless.

What we are starting to see is that no matter what the source is for the different prophecies, all of them are saying pretty much the same thing in the language of the day and the culture that it stems from. The Hopi story of creation is not that much different that the tales recounted in the Book of Genesis, it is just told in the words and understanding of a culture that is alien to Mesopotamia of old. The Sumerians also have their own version of creation and the end of days. It doesn’t matter if you consult Mayan culture, the Cherokee or the Hindus, the Dogons and the Hopi. The one almighty creator is set to return at the end of this current age.

This prophecy is laid out in the Christian Bible, the Hindu texts and those of ancient Greece or Sumeria, just as it is in the legends and sacred teachings of all the American and MesoAmerican tribes. To introduce the fifth sun, the fifth world or the new level of consciousness will require the world as we know it to change completely, without interruption and interference. Such a blatant alteration is only going to happen if a cleansing of the planet, a fresh slate to begin again is allowed to take place. As everyone of intelligence knows, in order for new life to be born the pains of labor and birthing must come first. This is exactly what 2012 prophecy is all about, no matter what culture or science we are enlightened about it from. Renewal can only occur if all that is wrong now is cleared away.


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