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To some the predictions involved in 2012 point to the end of the world, as a complete global disaster of unprecedented catastrophic proportions. Others relate to predictions that make 2012 the beginning of a new era, a change in the consciousness of humanity. Both sides, two opposing sets of beliefs relate to 2012 predictions being the end of this current age of man. For Christian religions this is the end of times, the long awaited Second Coming of Christ and the return of the almighty one true God. Other cultures’ sacred teachings predict that the galactic alignments show that their version of the almighty true creator will return and lead them into the next sun, the next world of man.

Whatever group you relate to, the 2012 predictions cover a wide array of events. Some mundane and others of immense life altering value, they all appear to be somewhat interwoven. This overlapping and spinning off from one prediction to far flung connotations of other predictions makes understanding what is going on and what will happen between now and 2012 very confusing. On one hand we have massive global catastrophes induced by forces beyond our control and others inflicted by man. On the other hand we have people claiming that it will be a date of spiritual enlightenment and ascension to a higher state of being. Then we have those who believe that this is all just like Y2K and anyone who believes in 2012 will be embarrassed when nothing at all happens.

No matter which side you relate to everyone is aware that the extreme changes in climate and the stability of Earth as we have always known it, has already begun. The less hair-raising predictions are aimed at revolutions in science, the next election year coming in 2012 and the continually eroding economy. Which set of beliefs is on target and which groups are simply caught up the excitement of life altering changes said to be coming as part of the 2012 predictions mounting, increasing and evolving?
Expecting to get a concrete answer, a definitive description of exactly what will happen on December 21, 2012 is not possible.

What will happen on the Winter Solstice 2012? No one knows for sure. To say that this is just another Y2K makes no sense at all, because that was nothing more than a human error, a machinery glitch, easily repaired with a simple computer programming patch. Y2K only posed a threat to financial, corporate and government records all being stored and controlled in computers instead of multitudes of filing drawers filled with paper files. The biggest population affect fear when the computers all clicked over to January 1, 2000 was that you wouldn’t be able to buy anything or communicate if all computer databases shut down or reverted to the year 1901.

2012 predictions include the effects of space events, droughts, wars, pestilence and disease. We have predictions of comets and rouge planets entering our near Earth space to either collide with our planet or turn it upside down … literally. It has happened before. There is scientific evidence that has taught us that the tropics were once in the Arctic and cold climates were in the south. Super volcanoes, massive earthquakes and cloud skimming tsunami waves, along with disappearing land masses and land appearing where none has existed to our knowledge before. UFO’s and alien races from somewhere else in the solar system, and the global effects of New World Order and the arrival of the Anti Christ on all of humanity. From outer space to our local skies and all around the world, 2012 predictions hold significance for a multitude of reasons.

Where will you be when December 21, 2012 arrives? Hopefully, you will be prepared and have a plan to survive because 2012 predictions aren’t growing dim or lessening but increasing and gaining more unarguable emphasis with every passing day. No one will know which of these predictions will be the correct ones until the long awaited day arrives.


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