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It isn’t any secret that there have been several predictions of a comet striking earth, beginning with the ever popular ancient seer Nostradamus. More that one of the French Rosicrucian’s quatrains has been pinned on the prophecy of a great comet striking Earth. First, however, what is being said is the 2012 comet now, was purportedly the prediction of the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Centers in 2001. Now it is being attributed to the “comet planet”, also known as Nibiru.

Whether or not the 3600 year missing planet Nibiru will scream back into our portion of space has yet to be determined. But, a comet and a planet are two different things and saying that “a great comet” is a planet is perhaps stretching the data out to cover more than it should. The word comet was not ever written by Nostradamus, nor for that matter was it written in the Bible. It does say in Revelation that a star will fall to earth and destroy one third of the planet. A comet and a star could easily have appeared to be one and the same in such ancient civilizations. Whether this is the 2012 comet or not is still up to conjecture.

Nostradamus does describe what could very conceivably be a comet in Century 2, Quatrain 46; “The centuries renewed, it will rain blood, milk, famine, war disease. In the sky will be seen a great fire dragging a trail of sparks.” However, “the centuries renewed” is far removed from the year 2012 and if this was a current comet that he saw, Nostradamus is most likely referring to the Hale-Bopp comet.

In addition to the statement that a star will wipe out one third of the Earth, the Book of Revelation also says in another passage that a mountain will strike the Earth falling out of the sky and wipe out another third of the planet. A star or comet and a mountain which could very well be either an asteroid being a different term for a monstrous sized chunk of rock. NASA tells us that no comet is set to strike the planet; so many people have chosen to take their reassuring words for it. The result of which is that there are now a new group of people reporting that there is no such thing as the 2012 comet.

In February 2009, it became known that there is more than one type of comet. There are bright comets and dark comets, dark meaning they have lost the coating of ice that reflects light and alerts us on Earth of their presence. As there are some 3000 possible dark comets in orbit, it is not so unlikely that such a dangerous heavenly body could arrive without any warning within Earth’s near space. Traveling at the speed that comets do, this doesn’t leave a lot of room for comfort.

Those who have done a great deal of study on dark comets have found some historical references to one that is known as Comet Caesar. A comet so bright and long lasting that it was visible to the naked eye over Rome for 7 days and nights in 44 B.C. Tracing historical entries backward and forward a pattern of some 1100 years span between appearances puts this dark comet in the sky about the time that the Mayas began their calendar, in approximately 1066 and appearing for the fifth time over Earth at about the right timeframe to be the 2012 comet.

Exact dates of comet appearance are rather difficult as each time the orbit through the solar system, their speed diminishes a bit. Additionally, their behavior is influenced by Jupiter and Saturn before they enter our area of space and while the comets are in our solar system. From what has been learned in the span of less than a year, it is very possible that a dark comet such as Comet Caesar could appear on the radar with very little warning of its presence until not long before impact. Understanding the implications makes it rather hard to completely erase the possibility that a 2012 comet catastrophe is not really so farfetched after all.


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